IP Cameras

Internet protocol or IP cameras are digital devices used with surveillance systems. Centralized IP cameras require an NVR to manage the monitoring and recording. Decentralized IP cameras can operate without an NVR and have built-in recording capabilities connected to storage devices such as hard disks or flash drives.


AXIS M30 Series addresses the market’s need for affordably priced, highly discreet and
easy-to-install indoor fixed domes with HDTV performance and 360°/180° panoramic views. They
are ideal for retail stores, hotels, schools and offices with tight budgets for video surveillance.


AXIS M10 Series offers small and smart cameras, ideal for securing locations such as small
businesses, boutiques, restaurants, hotels or residences. These intuitive and dependable cameras
offer best-in-class image quality and professional monitoring capabilities.


AXIS Q16 Network Camera Series comprises indoor and outdoor-ready fixed cameras that deliver
outstanding image quality in demanding video surveillance conditions, such as poor or highly
variable lighting.

AXIS 212PTZ Network Cameras

AXIS 212 PTZ are no ordinary PTZ cameras. They are the only PTZ network cameras that
provide full overview, and instant, one-click pan/tilt/zoom - with maintained sharp image resolution.
And it’s all done without moving parts, so there’s no wear and tear. In short, it’s a whole new
definition of PTZ.

AXIS 212 PTZ network cameras are unique in using a wide-angle lens and a 3 megapixel sensor to achieve
PTZ functionality. No moving parts are needed, which means no wear and tear.