Digital Signage

Digital signage allows you to deliver targeted messages to your customers on an electronic screen or TV. The content used can range from full-motion HD video to simple text information. Digital signage is highly versatile and is not only used to get the attention of customers. It can also be employed in reception areas, cafeterias and break rooms, workplaces, and many other areas to keep people informed about everything from weather reports and traffic to scheduled meetings, company news, and important updates. Content can also be updated in real-time, making digital signage a highly effective and cost-effective medium. DeltaTech offers digital signage products in a range of sizes and styles for just about any public space. Each digital signage system can also be customized to meet the specific requirements of your business environment and location.


BrightSign isthecomplete digital signage solution thatgoesbeyond standard digital signage, offering highperformance solid-state devices, powerful feature-rich software andnetworking options for turnkey content management and delivery.

Business Solutions


CAYIN Technology provides Dynamic Digital Signage solutions, including media players, servers, andsoftware, speciöcally designed fortheOOH(out-of-home) digital media network. Digital signage, alsoknown asdigital sign, digital place-based media, digital screen network, narrowcasting, and electronic billboards, is a multimedia, or even interactive platform that conveys pertinent information to targeted customers in a variety of industries, such as corporate, education, museum, retail, hotel, government, healthcare, and transportation.